Why Give Back?

Philanthropy: (n.) –

the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the donation of money to good causes.

It Just Feels Good!

Because it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! Studies have even shown that helping others benefits your health. We at Wash Ashore Beer Company believe in giving back and have chosen organizations of interest relative to our beer.

Buddha Pale Ale & Bodhi Supreme
donates to:

Buddhist Monasteries Around the World.

Maya Mae & Big Blue Truck
donates to:

local animal shelters such as 
Angels Helping Animals MV and Sandy Paws Rescue.

Island Boy
donates to:

Boy Meets Girl Love Ale
donates to:

 Ocean Conservation- Oceana

Boy Meets Boy ~ Girl Meets Girl Love Ale’s
donates to:

organizations that support the LGBTQ community and The Trevor Project.

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